About color in my life

This part of my website is gonna be about color. Color has its own language and I’m trying to read it. Why am I attracted to certain colors? Why do I hate other colors? And what is that trying to tell me and how can I use that in my advantage.

In my art I always choose my colors intuitively. Of course I think about about a direction I want to go to with my painting, but often the first colors are chosen completely ‘random’. I don’t think about what exact color to use and I don’t use a color wheel. Why should I follow the rules of color combinations? I like my paintings and I have a good feel about depth and contrast. I’ve always had a good sense of color and combinations, so why should I change that? And changing that is not what my search and study is all about. It is about understanding the color and trying to learn what my intuition wants to tell me.

My colors

studies sjablonen

My favorite color is red, I could say I’m a red person. In my former houses I used to have red walls in the living room (nice deep brownish red, but still red) and in my bedroom (nice deep red, like the red of kings and queens). I used to have lots of red accessories and some of my clothing is red. For me red is the color of love, passion, feelings and it feels very earthly to me. Although I sometimes like to wear red, the most of my clothing is jeans (because it is so practical) and black, because it suits me so well. I never thought about black as the color of death or depression.

I don’t like yellow, for me it is the color of hatred and envy, so I heard a long time ago. But I do love yellow tulips and sunflowers. Often I’m also in love with orange, for me the color of playfullness and warmth. Purple is also very attractive, but I cannot read that one. And I don’t have a history with blue, I just don’t. But ever since I live with my new partner, blue is taking over, in accessoires and in my clothing. However I just love to paint with teal and turquoise as I discovered lately. And paines gray is also one of my favorite colors to paint with. Why is that? Perhaps because paines grey can turn into a beautiful dark jeans blue when mixed with some white?

As you can see, colors can tell you a lot about yourself and about you inner world. And exactly that is what I want to figure out and share here with you.