Matter painting about sunrise and sunset 4

Abstract Matter Painting

I completely forget the world around me when I’m doing some matter painting in my studio. A total sense of calm falls over me. I melt together with the canvas and the materials that go through my fingers. I work completely on my intuitions and feelings, and therefore an important piece of my soul touches the canvas. My heart comes out, filled with passion and love, I have total respect for the canvas and the materials I work with.

I notice that I really love painting with my hands, so I’m often totally covered in paint and other materials. Experimenting with various materials brings me in a special state of consciousness. Making an artwork brings me very close to my inner me; free, feminine, cheerful, excited and happy, just like a child! That is what I want to share with you, so I can make the world shine just a little more.

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Matter Painting

The world around me in all its beauty inspires me to do matter paintings. If you are truly willing to open your eyes and look around, you will find so many lovely structures and textures and so much depth and diversity in colors. And that is what touches me. For me that is pure emotion and love.

I never make a detailed plan about what I’m going to paint and in what colors. I put out various materials and I just start working on a canvas. My inner is in charge and I like working very intuitive, just playing on my canvas. My work is build up layer by layer. And its very satisfying to play with all the materials and to discover what influence they have on each other.

My artwork

All of my artwork is unique, though I also work in series. Most of my work is very colorful and I love to paint abstracts, but now I find myself in a fase of figurative abstracts. I work with lots of different materials; I love the way these challenge me in my creativity over and over. This brings me to a higher level and I certainly don’t want to limit myself to just 1 defined style in my artwork, as experimenting fills my soul.

In matter painting I work with uncommon materials, like marble dust, stone powders, sand, coffee grind, chalk, iron, pigments, oils, and bitumen. But I also like working with gifts I find in nature, such as leafs, feathers, stones, and branches. I also like using various hobby materials like buttons, zippers, fabrics, and rope.


There is one connection in (almost) all of my artwork on canvas and that is crackles. I just love playing around with crackles, small organic ones or the deep ones, painting on a crackled background or adding them to just one part of the painting.
In our individual lives journey, our crackles shape us to be unique and beautiful. Wounds make us grow and make us stronger, and crackles are needed to let the light through.

Used materials in Matter Painting

I only use quality materials.
For coloring the artwork I use Amsterdam Experts Acrylics and Inks, Fluids and High Flow Acrylics from Golden, and other various professional brands. The paint is highly pigmented and the colors are bright and deep and they will last. Besides acrylics I also use pigments, metallic, powders and so on, all from the known professional brands and way to much to mention here in a list.
I also use various mediums (thinners, thickers, gels) of professional brands like Golden and Liquitex. 
And I like to work with Powertex and the family of various materials by Powertex like Easy3DFlex, Stone-Art, Easy Structure, 3D Sand and Balls, and Powerwax.

The canvasses I use are all stretched on a quality stretcher. The panels (canvas boards) I use are from a fine quality, not the cheap ones. I also use wooden Ampersand Boards.
I always paint the sides of a stretched canvas or boards, sometimes in one color, other times in the colors of the painting. You do not need to frame the artwork, but framing in a cradled frame will give the painting a whole new dimension.

I varnish all my artwork for protection and perhaps for a little shine. Some of my artwork is varnished in a Matt finish.