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Acrylics on Paper

These works are with acrylics on paper or on a loose canvas. I make them to explore new things, to learn new techniques and to discover new color combinations I like. Often I just want to play and be creative, without the pressure of having to make “a work of art”. This keeps me loose and relaxed and it stimulates my own creativity. Often the responses to these works are very lovely, so I decided to share them here.

Most of my artwork is sold. I sell through Etsy, a worldwide platform for selling unique handmade items. Go and have a look at my current offers.
If you would like to receive more information about mixed media painting – or about a certain painting – you can always send me an e-mail.


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Acrylics and other materials

I only use quality materials.
My paintings are painted with Golden and Amsterdam Experts Acrylics, and other various professional brands. This paint is highly pigmented and the colors are bright and deep and they will last.

The paper I use is heavy quality, at least 140 lbs watercolor paper, so it doesn’t get satiated by all media on top. And the canvas pads are also from a respected brand.

I varnish all my artwork for protection and they will be delivered without a passe-partout.
Framing these artworks really adds a specials effect. The frames don’t need to be expensive and the artwork doesn’t have to be behind glass. You may even skip the passe-partout and mount the artwork as if it is floating. It’s just what you like the best.