Encaustic schilderij Mama

Encaustic on Stretched Canvas

Encaustic paintings on a canvas (or panel), it’s a lovely way to work with beeswax in a different way and to discover the possibilities that this brings. The wax behaves differently on a canvas than on encaustic paper. I also love combining various techniques, which give a completely different look than the classic encaustic paintings. These paintings look more like some Mixed Media Paintings.

Most of my artwork is sold. I sell through Etsy, a worldwide platform for selling unique handmade items. Go and have a look at my current offers.
If you would like to receive more information about mixed media painting – or about a certain painting – you can always send me an e-mail.

Used materials in Encaustic Paintings

I only use quality materials.
I paint with beeswax from Encaustic Art. The paint is highly pigmented and the colors are bright and deep and they will last.

All the canvasses I use are stretched on a quality stretcher. The panels (canvas boards) I use are from a fine quality, not the cheap ones. I also use wooden Ampersand Boards or custom made MDF panels.
I always paint the sides of a stretched canvas or boards, sometimes in one color, other times in the colors of the painting. You do not need to frame the artwork, but framing in a cradled frame will give the painting a whole new dimension.

All paintings are varnished for protection with a special encaustic varnish, which preserves the satin look of the encaustic. In some cases I choose to varnish in a gloss finish, because it suits the artwork better.