Glazen schaal cutie

Various Glassware

Sometimes its just nice to create something else and to play with other techniques and materials. For some glassware I used Powertex on a glass surface. I’ve made several glass vases in combination with some fabrics. And the glass plates and the painting is made with special enamel paint. This gives some special effects and nice results.

Soms is het gewoon leuk om iets anders te doen en om met andere technieken en materialen te spelen. Met Powertex kun je ook heel erg leuk op een glazen ondergrond spelen. Ik heb diverse leuke vazen gemaakt, in combinatie met stof. En de glazen schalen en het schilderijtje is gemaakt met speciale emaille verf. Dat geeft een bijzonder effect en een superleuk resultaat.

Most of these artworks are sold. I do NOT sell them through Etsy, because shipping is not easy to realize. I offer these at this website For Sale. If you would like to receive more information about encaustic in the house – or about a certain artwork – you can always send me an e-mail.

Various Glassware Still for Sale

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Glassware cutie


Used materials for various glassware

I only use quality materials.
For the glass plates and the paintings I used enamel paint by Gart’aVous. After a drying period the paint is really hardened and it will not fall of the glass. The painting is made on the backside of the glass. That gives a special look with lots of depth.
For the vases I worked with Powertex, Powertex clay and various fabrics.
For coloring the artwork I use Amsterdam Experts Acrylics and Inks, Fluids and High Flow Acrylics from Golden, and other various professional brands. The paint is highly pigmented and the colors are bright and deep and they will last. Besides acrylics I also use pigments, metallic, powders and so on, all from the known professional brands and way to much to mention here in a list.